Shihan Konsta Myrick




Shihan Konsta M. Myrick Sr. began formal martial arts training in the Chung Do Kwan style of Taekwondo in 1987 under Kyoshi Rudolph A. Muhammad.  He became formally certified and recognized as a Master Instructor of this art in 2010.  He concurrently trained in and received equal ranking in Yonsei Goju Ryu Karate from Kyoshi Muhammad and was bestowed the title of Renshi by his original Sensei in 2000.

      Born and raised in Kansas City, Mo, Mr. Myrick graduated from Rockhurst High School in 1999 and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2003. He  began teaching as a young teen at Kwanzaa Martial Arts Academy assisting his teacher in developing the skill and ability of many of the current senior ranking students of that organization.  

         Mr. Myrick has taught Martial Arts classes through the Student Recreational Services at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Park University, and Young Champions of America. In addition to his Chung Do and Karate-Do training, Mr. Myrick has had, and continues to receive formal training in Escrima, Kali, Gung Fu, and Tai Chi. He currently holds the rank of Rokudan (6th Dan) in Karate-Do and was granted the title of Shihan in 2017 by Grandmaster C.H. Carter. He also holds an Instructor grade in the art of Gung Fu. A long time traditional and open Taekwondo/Karate champion as a youth, as well as a former Amateur IKF Super-heavyweight Champion, Shihan Myrick also saw success in the realm of boxing and mixed martial arts.  He is currently a member of Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation (SKIF) and of the Karate of Japan Federation (KOJF) and the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK).   

     Shihan Myrick started the Outland Martial Arts Club in November 2006, which operated at the Cleaver Family YMCA in Kansas City, MO for eight years.  The program enjoyed abundant success and popularity. The club was subsequently relocated and renamed Pine Wave Martial Arts in honor of the traditional Shotokan style of Karate-Do.

 Shihan Myrick’s ongoing hope is to use the discipline and knowledge gained
through the tutelage of his teachers to create.


Training In Tokyo, Japan

March -April 2017

Training Across the Country